Soft/Channel Mask

Channel Masking is a good technique used to isolate complex objects from the whole image ackground. Images masking using alpha channels is used the object edges are unsharp or not sufficiently defined. It is then a simple clipping path cannot provide adequate solution to knock out the background from the image. It is here channel masking or soft mask comes into play. Channel masks are delivered with transparent or white background or a separate layer in psd or tif format.Channel Masking or soft masking are applied on complex images where the pen tool used for clipping path cannot work out to isolate image from their background. Different image masking tools are used to extract object from their background. Channel masking namely alpha channels ate in fact the best solution for removing backgrounds from complex images if you are really looking forward to save your time and costs. Thus images having small leaves, hair or fur can be easily removed from their background using channel or soft masking techniques.

soft mask

Clipping Pictures is a premium clipping path service provider from Bangladesh providing alpha Channel Masking service with a handful of expert professionals. The experts use innovative graphic design tools and software like Adobe Photoshop and works with CMYK, RGB, and custom channels to remove background of an image. Usually background of an object with hairy, furry and other complex images are removed with Alpha Channel Masking to be placed in another background.Let Clipping Pictures help you isolate fine objects from your product image and get smooth edges after knocking them from image background. The added advantage is you can actually apply variety of color effects to your product image using these techniques.

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