Layer Masking

Photo masking is a vital pre-production service of any publishing houses, ad agency and eCommerce shops. Image editing and manipulation done for such agencies demand utmost precision, thus to facilitate their projects Clipping Pictures provides Photoshop masking service that is cost-effective yet ensuring high quality work. Layer Mask is a complex masking technique done with Adobe Photoshop. It is the best solution for achieving greater perfection in extracting file objects from their background like hair & fur or isolating semi transparent or translucent images like smoke, flames, lighting and fine objects when clipping path alone fails to do the job with precision. Layer masking enables to create smooth isolation of fine objects images ahead of clipping path.


Items or products image that require Layer Masking are models & human images with raising and flying hairs, animals with raising hairs (e.g. furry animals), etc.Our professionals at Clipping Picture provide expert image mask creation service, with an aim of saving your precious time in isolating background or any part of the photograph having those blurred or undefined edges. We use Adobe Photoshop for complex layer masking techniques based on the images and the criteria.

Clipping Picture has wide experience of working with both small and large pictures masking projects. You can send us images of the following formats: jpeg, tiff, png, gif, psd, pdf with your requirements at We will help you in turning your needs them into reality. Contact Us Today!