Document Restoration & Editing is a premium graphioc design outsourcing firm from Dhaka, Bangladesh Restoration. We have an expert team of graphic designers who can provide clients with cost fricative photo restoration and document restoration and editing services for damaged works on paper. Paper is acidic in nature as a result of which important but old documents namely old newspaper, property papers, old photos, valuable credentials and important invoices gradually turn yellow or brown as they age. The pH of the paper should be neutralized to stop the toning effect and prevent them from deteriorating or pigmentation.Old document Restoration or Damaged document repair is a process where the important documents are restored to give a fresh new look for storage. Let, expert in providing Photo Restoration, Old document repair services help you in retrieving your old documents that have damages such as stains, tears, mold/mildew, abrasions and creases at fast turnaround times. Let us conserve your important worn out documents to stabilize its value and recover their value or correct and rebuilt them in no time. provides digitally reccover old and importants Document with document restoration & editing service.

Have you noticed your important papers having these defects:

  • Paper exposed to Water Damage
  • Acid Burn that makes the paper yellow that makes the paper brittle.
  • Foxing Effect that leads to corroding particles in paper to create that unsightly brown spotting.
  • Use of Tape and adhesive have stained the paper
  • Deterioration occurred due to exposure of the frame from acidic materials, paper touching the glass, mold spores and humidity
  • Document Creasing occurred due to wrinkles or rippling or unknown reason.
  • Document Abrasions occurred due to scuffs, shiny marks, scratches with pigment loss, textural damage.
  • Documents tore or papers were missing or there were cracking and fading in the papers.‘s document restoration and editing services include deacidifying, patching, pressing, mold remediation, archival mounting and encapsulation and other materials detrimental to a work on paper such as removal of superficial dirt and residues from documents and much more. Contact us Today to know more about how we can preserve your document !